A Sense of Community

For Veterans Day 2018, the Cohen Veterans Network hosted a one-day art exhibit in New York City focused on the themes of Resiliency, Healing, and Transition after Military Service.

In this video recap of the event, CVN Ambassador Ryan Pitts connects the work to common themes veterans go through during transition after service. The Medal of Honor Recipient says that creating that new community back at home is a fundamental step in the transition process.

“When I think of my service and the time after, what you miss most is the sense of comradery that is gone,” Pitts said. “We’ve earned this right to lead happy and healthy lives, and that plays out in our clinics by treating the entire military family.”

Pitts made an appearance on NY1 on the morning of the art exhibit, where he discussed the role the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics are playing around the country to fill void in the lives of veterans and military families.

The Cohen Clinics each offer valuable community programs such as art workshops, yoga sessions, movie night and more as a complement to our high-quality clinical care.


By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Communications & Marketing