Advancing the Field
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The cohen veterans network aims to provide the best care to veterans and their families.

Advancing the Field

Our goal is to set best-practice standards of mental health care through research, training, awareness, and innovative ways to make treatment and services more accessible. Increased understanding of post-traumatic stress (PTS) and other mental health conditions will lead to better care—and lives—for veterans and their families.

We are working to develop the next generation of clinicians via the CVN Scholars Program. The Cohen Veterans Network is working to advance the field of veterans mental health by producing in-depth publications called CVN Reports on a wide variety of issues related to military family mental health.

In addition to providing high-quality, confidential health care to veterans and their families, the Cohen Veterans Network aims to dispel the stigma associated with receiving mental health care. Joining us in the effort, a pair of post-9/11 Medal of Honor Recipients: Kyle White and Ryan Pitts.

The Cohen Veterans Network will also establish collaborative research-practice partnerships to improve the adoption and dissemination of research that will lead to a continuous evolution of mental health services.

All Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics use real-time data to assess processes and client-reported outcomes to help reach each individual achieve their goals. Client-centered care for veterans and their families is our highest priority, and a client may opt out of certain self-reported assessments. All research is confidential and complies with federal protection and storage standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Through a partnership with sister organization Cohen Veterans Bioscience,  Cohen Veterans Network is dedicated to improving the detection and treatment of PTS, traumatic brain injury, and related conditions. Read more about Cohen Veterans Bioscience.

With our partners, we apply and advance evidence-based treatments, expand the use of new best practices, and develop decision-making tools that increase the effectiveness of mental health interventions. Our goal as a learning organization is to share our findings with other researchers, care providers, and the public.