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CVN Reports

CVN Reports

The Cohen Veterans Network is working to advance the field of veterans mental health by producing in-depth publications on a wide variety of issues related to military family mental health. These CVN Reports will include informational guides, position papers, policy briefs, and network research publications.

2018 CVN Annual Impact Report

Caring for the Caregivers. By Dana Morrissey, MSW, MPH.

2017 CVN Annual Impact Report

CVN Implementation Summit Summary, Key Messages, and Challenges. By Stephanie Renno, LCSW, Training Manager, Cohen Veterans Network and Crystal Shelton, LCSW, Vice President, Clinical Programs, Cohen Veterans Network.

Implementation Science at Cohen Veterans Network. By Dana Morrissey, MSW, MPH.

Information Guide for Prospective Partnership. By Anthony M. Hassan, Ed.D, LCSW, CEO & President, Cohen Veterans Network.

Case Study on CVN – Uniform Champions: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Excellent Assistance for Veterans. By Thomas Meyer, The Philanthropy Roundtable. Purchase entire book.