Cultivating the next generation of clinicians.


CVN Scholars


Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) is advancing the field of veteran’s mental health by cultivating a generation of Scholars across professional disciplines. The CVN Scholars Program provides stipends for graduate students pursuing professional careers in support of veteran’s mental health. Our Scholars will have unique opportunities to participate in field training and military-related mental health care training. We have a wide range of opportunities for our Scholars including clinic- and school-based programs.


Through early engagement of motivated learners, CVN aims to assist our Scholars in becoming professionals and leaders in the field of military mental health.

In an effort to generate a pipeline of highly-trained students who can enter the clinical field ready to serve, we make every effort to offer opportunities for graduating Scholars who chose to continue to professionally serve veterans and their families at a Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic.

For more information about our clinic-based CVN Scholars opportunities and the school-based CVN Scholars opportunities in place at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice, please contact

Aim of the Program

CVN is invested in creating early education and career development opportunities for clinical graduate students committed to improving access to evidence-based care for our clients. From the central office, we want to work with each clinic to ensure they are offering appropriate placement, training, and hiring opportunities for CVN Scholars. Specifically, we ask that any CVN clinic does the following: utilize available stipends to recruit for competitive placements for appropriate interns.

Who can be Scholars

CVN currently offers both clinic-based and school-based Scholar opportunities. CVN Scholars can be drawn from the following clinical disciplines:

– Social work, psychology, and psychiatric nurse practitioner
– Scholar stipends are reserved for graduate students in their advanced training year
– MSW students in their second-year field placement
– LPC and MFT trainees in their second-year practicum
– PNP proctorships

Next Steps for CVN Scholars

A Cohen Scholar leaves their CVN Placement ready to excel in a career in support of veterans’ mental health. CVN develops future clinical leaders committed to evidence-based care. CVN Scholars:
– Develop strong clinical skills, including:
– Advanced diagnosis
– Development and execution of collaborative treatment plans
– Proficiency in utilizing scales and measures to both guide treatment and monitor outcomes
– Strengths in providing patient-centered care
– Competency in providing short-term focused treatment to improve veterans outcomes
– Acquire specialty training in:
– Military Cultural Competency
– Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention
– At least one Evidence-based practice for PTSD