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Breaking Down Another Barrier to Care

At the Cohen Veterans Network, we take pride in creating access to high-quality mental health care for veterans and military families. We do this in part by removing some common barriers to care.

CVN Telehealth will play a large role in this effort going forward, making treatment more accessible from the comfort of our client’s home. Our Cohen Clinics also feature flexible hours, including nights and weekends, as well as assistance with transportation and on-site childcare.

Today’s release of the IAVA 2017 Member Survey sheds light on several areas directly related to our mission, including an important obstacle preventing veterans from seeking help. The third most prevalent reason for individuals not seeking mental health care is that they “don’t think treatment will work.”

The first 4,000 clients to be treated by the Cohen Veterans Network are proof that treatment works and with the right course of action veterans and military families can and do get better. CVN released client improvement and satisfaction scores last month, with most clients showing marked improvements in the areas of PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

This pictograph highlights some of the key areas:

Breaking Down Another Barrier to Care

Also of note, according to the IAVA survey, the top issue impacting post 9/11 veterans is Mental Health/Suicide Prevention. The Cohen Veterans Network was created to work on this issue, and early results indicate we are making a difference.

By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Communications & Marketing