Caregiver Talks About Finally Putting Herself First

In honor of Military Spouse day, CVN would like to share the story of Melinda. Melinda is the wife and caregiver of a Marine, as well as a mother. After six years of juggling being a mother, spouse and caregiver, Melinda was silently struggling with feelings of being pulled in many directions, as well as feeling isolated. She refrained from reaching out to anyone to avoid burdening them with her struggles. Her motivation to seek support developed when she decided this was the year to put herself first after feeling like she was stretched thin in her role as a mother, wife, and caregiver.

“As a caregiver, you are constantly giving and giving and giving. And if you can’t take care of yourself, then eventually you have nothing to give, so it’s important for caregivers or spouses in general to take care of themselves, as well as their children,” Melinda said.

After seeking treatment, Melinda felt like a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She was able to redefine herself as a caregiver, but also as an individual. She has a newly found role as an advocate of self-care within her family, and she is active in her community caregiver support groups.  Watch her story:

By Elise Harte, CVN Project Manager, Marketing & Communications