Engage Immediately when calling our clinics

When you place a call to a Steven A. Cohen Military Clinic after hours or on weekends it is always answered by a trained veteran, who can address your questions and help schedule an appointment with your local clinic. If you are calling our national Telehealth number, 833-CVN-VETS, these same trained peers will take you through that process and potentially assist on scheduling.

We offer this service in partnership with Vets4Warriors. One of their trained peers is Sherley. We featured another veteran, Zeshan, earlier this month.


Sherley at V4W

I have been working for Vets4Warriors (V4W) for two and a half years now since leaving the Army. Recently I had the opportunity to start working with the Cohen Veteran Network partnership.  V4W and CVN have both devoted their time to help and treat veterans, their family members, and care givers. Both programs are designed to help and change the client’s life. The collaboration with V4W and CVN is a great way to support veterans and their family members free of charge.

As an after hour operator for CVN I have had the pleasure of setting up appointments and helping clients who were in need of assistance right away. The veterans are surprised to hear that it’s another veteran who is answering their calls.  They seem to engage immediately if they learn they are talking to a veteran.  As a veteran and a Peer Support Specialist at Vets4Warriors I am pleased to be an asset to both V4W and CVN.