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Innovation is an integral part of CVN Training

The Cohen Veterans Network Training Program endeavors to facilitate a community of learning in training and education in the field of military and military family mental health.  This effort is collaborative and inclusive, leveraging subject matter experts, local leaders, partner organizations and communities all over the country.  CVN Training is focused on strategic targets to promote successful, inclusive impact in the areas of collaboration, innovation and best practices.

In part two of three part series we examine the role of innovation in our Training Program. Part one ran last week.

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CVN’s EBP treatment cards

Meaningful Innovation: CVN Training is committed to driving advancement in implementation of evidence-based practices. Within the last decade there have been important improvements in the utilization of evidence-based practices in mental health. However, even when there is the will to adopt evidence-based practices, effective and sustainable implementation has emerged as a significant challenge. While, historically, efforts have focused on training, there is increasing awareness that this is only a single component of effective strategies to successfully improve the actual adoption of EBPs. The evidence-base for how to implement evidence-based treatment is now emerging, but best practices in implementation are not yet widely known or discussed with the frequency of the evidence-based treatments they support.  CVN seeks to be a leader and a partner in this area.  Some examples of this work include:

  • Spearheaded the CVN Implementation Summit in collaboration with Center for Deployment Psychology
  • Developed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as other organizations with long histories of training excellence to facilitate open sharing of resources and information; CVN training seeks to build upon developments made and create novel improvements rather than duplication.
  • Developing training resources and tools, based on knowledge and resource gaps in the field, for broad dissemination and sharing (Comprehensive Childhood Assessment Course, Motivational Interviewing Skills-based Training)


By Stephanie Renno, LCSW
CVN Training Manager, Clinical Programs