Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

Stamford, CT

About the Role: 

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a key senior leader in designing CVN’s Information Systems and Cybersecurity strategy. The CIO plays a critical role in the development, implementation, support, and ongoing enhancement of information systems that optimize care delivery, service quality, and business performance and identifies strategies to leverage network, clinic and client level data into actionable insights, while ensuring the highest levels of information security. This position is a unique opportunity to make a measurable impact in the field of veterans’ mental health, and the behavioral health field at large.

Responsibilities of the CIO include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Oversight
    • Ensure strategic alignment between CVN’s goals and information and cybersecurity solutions
    • Proactively identify and recommend new and innovative digital solutions to enhance client engagement, client care and operational efficiencies
    • Lead a team of 9+ tasked with executing strategic vision for the department
    • Develop and manage annual Information Systems budget
  • Security (Cybersecurity, HIPAA Privacy and Security)
    • Serve as CVN’s Security Officer
    • Lead CVN’s Privacy and Security Program, ensuring that CVN’s Privacy and Security Policies are being strictly followed, and updated as necessary
      • Collaborate with managed IT vendor to ensure that CVN pursues the highest levels of cybersecurity
      • Ensure training requirements are being met
      • Annual Risk Analysis and penetration testing
      • Management of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
      • Maintenance of asset inventory lists, access control inventory and all other required documentation SOPs
      • Ensure all CVN Business Associates are meeting required standards
      • Lead the response coordination for any security incidents
    • Perform system reviews across all business lines to ensure they meet the requirements of CVN’s Privacy and Security policies
  • IT and Business/Operational Systems
    • Provide initial and ongoing assessment of IT infrastructure and information systems/projects and make appropriate recommendations
      • Manage contracts, vendor relationships and implementation/support for CVN’s operational systems including, but not limited to:
      • Managed IT provider
      • Microsoft 365 (Teams, Sharepoint, Outlook)
      • Azure Server
      • Smartsheet
      • Salesforce
      • Zoom
      • Tableau
      • Accounting and HR Software
    • Ensure adherence to process for strict access controls and password management
  • Data Science and Analytics
    • Provide strategic oversight to CVN’s data science program
      • Foster a culture of continuous quality improvement and an understanding of how to leverage data into knowledge and action
      • Proactively work with all business lines to ensure that ongoing and ad hoc reporting and analysis needs are being met in a timely and efficient manner
      • Succesfully implement Tableau Dashboards as an integral tool at CVN Central Office and at local Clinic locations to support democratization of data
      • Collaborate with research staff to ensure adherence to research protocols (e.g. production of de-identified datasets)
      • Ensure adherence to data validation and user acceptance testing protocols
  • Health Information Systems
    • Provide strategic oversight to CVN’s health information systems, namely the Electronic Health Record and corresponding systems (patient portal, appointment reminders, billing systems, interoperability with other provider systems)
    • Stay abreast of new advancements (e.g. voice dictation, treatment apps) and identify strategic approaches for implementation
  • Represent CVN Externally
    • Participate in, and present at, various industry conferences
    • Represent CVN to external partners and media

Qualifications and Qualities

  • Successful candidate will have a minimum of 8-10 years’ experience in an information technology role or related field; five years in management or leadership role
  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or related field; Master’s degree in information technology or a technology-related discipline preferred
  • In-depth understanding of the healthcare and technology industry, including HIPAA privacy and security rules
  • Excellent leadership, team building, and management skills; Encouraging to team and staff; able to mentor and lead
  • Able to build strong interpersonal relationships with colleagues, leaders, and external partners
  • Able to align multiple strategies and ideas
  • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent analytical and time-management skills
  • Confident in producing and presenting work
  • Ability to travel up to 25% of time

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