Clinic Director

Clinic Director

Virginia Beach, VA

In 2018 The Up Center and Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) formed a partnership to establish a Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at The Up Center.  Opening in the spring of 2019, this location will provide short term mental health services to Veterans and their family members. The Clinic Director, in conjunction with Up Center team, will have a lead role in launching this clinic site.

The Clinic Director leads an interdisciplinary team, focused on providing a compassionate, individually tailored and holistic approach to outpatient mental health treatment for veterans and their family members. He/She must be creative and enjoy working within a small, entrepreneurial environment that is mission-focused, results-driven and community oriented.

As the clinical and administrative leader, the Clinic Director is responsible for implementing and managing adherence to the CVN evidenced-based clinical model and for driving achievement of performance targets, customer service, budget and quality assurance goals.

The Clinic Director has the lead role in developing a positive clinic culture that promotes staff wellness and professional development, quality client experiences and cross–sector engagement with the local community.

The Clinic Director operates among the leadership team at the Up Center and also interfaces regularly with other clinic partners across CVN as well as with the CVN Central Office.



  • Plan and oversee all tasks associated with the recruitment, on-boarding, evaluating and discharging of all clinic staff.
  • Direct and oversee all clinical operations to include staffing, supervision and evaluating targets, clinical treatment and client outcomes.
  • Ensure all staff implement evidence-based practices, and best practice protocols, in the delivery of service delivery to clients.
  • Conduct weekly clinical supervision for therapists, crisis management support as needed, and management of a clinical training program in evidence-based treatment modalities.
  • Guide strategies and implementation regarding community outreach and engagement, for clinic opening and on an-going throughout the year.
  • Oversee the intake process for clients.
  • Serves as a primary conduit of the CVN communications, policies and mission, to the Cohen clinic at The Up Center.
  • Evaluate relevant metrics and processes regarding intake and dispositions; lead weekly disposition meetings for the clinical team to assign and present cases.
  • Devise and implement strategies for procedural modifications that support clinic growth according to model standards and respond to client and community needs.
  • Provide supervision of prescribing medical staff to ensure an integrated treatment approach for all served.
  • Execute and evaluate telehealth services.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work including diverse interest groups, advocacy groups and other governmental organizations.
  • Work collaboratively with Up Center support departments and fellow program/department leaders.
  • Ensure the clinic and its staff actively communicate with the CVN Central Office to include participation in CVN meetings/events/activities and contribute to the overall network.
  • Through exercised leadership and commitment to ongoing education and professional improvement, contribute to the CVN and Up Center culture of peer consultation and collaboration.
  • On a regular and continuous basis utilize clinic data to interpret clinic performance establish descriptive, predictive and prescriptive actions.
  • Demonstrate command of HIPAA and CARF and other applicable regulations and codes.
  • Problem solve clinic related issues, and other duties as assigned



  • Strong clinical skills that support differential clinical assessment, comprehensive clinical supervision, integrated approaches and best practice service delivery.
  • Ability to simultaneously manage micro and macro goals with adherence to timelines.
  • Comprehensive experience with a time-limited treatment models focused on evidence-based practices.
  • Strong analytical skills for interpretation of clinic performance metrics, and implementation of strategic plans and strategies.
  • Well-rounded business ethic that promotes collaboration, equity and inclusivity.
  • Orientation to continuous quality improvement processes.
  • Developed skill set for collaborating, creating and problem solving with internal and external professionals and providers.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills with strong presentation skills
  • Strong leadership and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Orientation to detail with good organizational abilities



  • Must be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology or related field or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with specialized training and expertise in evidenced-based treatment.
  • Must posses a current license from appropriate Virginia State Board.
  • Requires a minimum of 5 years’ experience in leading, managing, and or supervising within a clinical setting, with 10-15 years of clinical experience preferred.
  • Experience working with a military or veteran population is strongly preferred.
  • Experience across a range of modalities beyond individual adult treatment to include children, couples, and family treatment, preferred.
  • Must have experience treating and diagnosing PTSD as well as co-morbid diagnoses (e.g., SUD, depression, anxiety), with evidence-based treatments and providing clinical supervision in these areas.
  • Must demonstrate leadership capacity and ability to foster team-building and a supportive, flexible environment.
  • Must have proficient computer skills and command of Word and Excel,
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and meet background check requirements.
  • Must have and maintain a working cell phone.


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