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Clinic Director

Clinic Director

Mililani, HI


The Clinic Director leads an interdisciplinary team, focused on providing time-limited, evidence-based practices in an outpatient clinic that serves individual adults, couples families and children. As the clinical and administrative leader, the Clinic Director is responsible for creating and sustaining a clinical program that meets the highest standards of evidence-based practice and quality care. The Clinic Director is responsible for creating and monitoring best clinical and administrative practice standards at every level of the clinic. Both the Executive Director and the Clinic Director interface with the Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) Central Office, and are the primary conduits of the CVN mission, policies, and communications to the clinic. The Clinic Director will be a full-time employee of the clinic but may spend part of her/his time performing patient-facing clinical work.

Experience across a range of modalities beyond individual adult treatment to include child, couples, and family treatment is preferred; 2) must have experience treating and diagnosing PTSD as well as co-morbid diagnoses (e.g., SUD, depression, anxiety), with evidence-based treatments and providing clinical supervision in these areas; 3) experience working with a military or veteran population is preferred; 4) must demonstrate leadership capacity and ability to foster team-building and a supportive, flexible environment; 5) analytical skills, professional acumen, business ethics, thorough understanding of continuous improvement processes, problem solving, respect for confidentiality, excellent communication and presentation skills; 6) strong consultative abilities, conflict-resolution skills, and leadership abilities; 7) familiarity with telehealth; 8) deep understanding and applied knowledge of a time-limited treatment model that focuses on evidence-based practices; 9) excellent written and oral communication skills; and 10) must be highly organized, detail oriented, and reliable


Masters’ Degree from a school accredited by a recognized accrediting agency.


Requires knowledge of an advanced type.  Requires a minimum of 5 years’ experience leading, managing, and or supervising within a clinical setting. 10-15 years of clinical experience is preferred

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