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Outreach Manager

Outreach Manager

Stamford, CT

CVN’s Outreach Manager is primarily responsible for optimizing the efforts of Cohen Clinic Outreach team members nationwide. Outreach leaders at the clinic level are primarily focused on becoming connectors to care in their communities, helping raise awareness and build reputation of the clinic and its services in the initial years of operation, and in later years, looking to support both public health messaging and sustainment activities in local markets. The Outreach Manager plays a critical role in strategy, project management, content development, sustainment support, coaching, data analysis, and administration of the Outreach team.


Outreach Strategy and Execution:

  • Develop and execute CVN’s national strategy in partnership with the Network Communications and Marketing (NCM) team.
  • Work with clinics to set annual clinic growth plans and review quarterly along with Clinic Support Team (CST)
  • Develop clear outreach goals, deliverables, and benchmarks.
  • Identify ways to proactively improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the network’s in-referral processes.
  • Host monthly conference call with Clinic Outreach staff and regularly visit clinic sites.
  • Provide support, guidance, information, and advocacy for CVN Outreach.
  • Share best practices across network, coordinate events, gain, and share points of contact.
  • Ensure cross clinic outreach is ongoing to include exchange of ideas through the Outreach Collaborative; promoting clinic events; etc.
  • Provide contacts/leads to CVN’s Advancement team through national and local outreach efforts, provide supporting data, and support funding opportunities as needed.



  • Develop and administer Outreach Training program.
  • Implement and coordinate the CVN Outreach Mentor Program.



  • Work closely with NCM team to develop monthly campaigns and content and ensure team is trained in related messaging.
  • In coordination with NCM team develop a resource library and presentations on broader public health topics such as Mental Health First Aid, PTSD, Suicide Awareness, transition, etc.  Also, development of ongoing milestones and breaking issues support.
  • Working with Network Communications and Marketing develop calendar of significant outreach events for all clinics.
  • Serve as liaison to Network Communications and Marketing Team to provide feedback in the development of marketing materials.


  • Coordinate with Network Information Systems team to provide data and insights.
  • Assist individual clinics with analysis of local market data to enhance and focus outreach efforts.
  • Provide support to Clinic Directors as needed in market targeting and other issues.

What’s Required

  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience
  • 5 to 7+ years professional experience with demonstrated growth and leadership
  • Strong project management experience/PMO certification
  • Experience with or knowledge of mental health services
  • Understanding of military culture and community
  • Experience with outreach, public health messaging, and/or have community health certifications
  • Experience developing marketing content, toolkits, presentations, etc.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with individuals across all organizational levels
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize projects to meet deadlines
  • Strong organizational skills with high attention to detail
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Commitment to CVN’s mission and model
  • Veteran or military spouse a plus

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