Looking Back on a Big 2017

As the year ends, we reflect on the past year as we begin planning for the new year ahead. The reflection and review period always includes lessons learned, how to improve and goals for the new year. But in such a fast-paced, critical world, it is less likely to enjoy your achievements and share them to the world.

We have collected the best moments from CVN and the Cohen Clinics from 2017 to honor everyone’s hard work that has helped us make 2017 a success. These clinic openings, anniversaries, partner events, and news coverage would not have been possible without the support from our Cohen Clinics, partner organizations and CVN leadership.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter through the end of the year to see our best moments from 2017.  The campaign will use the hashtag #CVNin2017.


Elise Harte

CVN Project Manager, Communications & Marketing