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Meet one of the veteran peers ready to answer your call

When you place a call to a Steven A. Cohen Military Clinic after hours or on weekends it is always answered by a trained veteran, who can address your questions and help schedule an appointment with your local clinic. If you are calling our national Telehealth number, 833-CVN-VETS, these same trained peers will take you through that process and potentially assist on scheduling.
We offer this service in partnership with Vets4Warriors. One of their trained peers is Zeshan:


The Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) and Vets4Warriors (V4W) are a natural fit because both organizations have the same goal of helping veterans in need. When I first started working for Vet4Warriors it gave me the platform to perform my dream job. I’ve been on the other side of the phone and now have the chance to give back. Working with CVN is another excellent way of being able to connect veterans with services to help better their lives.

Vets4Warriors Z

Zeshan is one of the trained veteran peers at Vets4Warriors

As a CVN peer, I’m proud of the veterans and their families I’ve helped. I personally believe that the connection veterans share with each other is a true brother and sister relationship. The minute the veteran on the line hears a voice of a real person when they were expecting an automated answering machine, they feel cared for. And for the client to know a veteran is on the other side of the phone is an added powerful aspect.

Answering CVN after-hours calls, the veteran is comforted by being able to speak to another veteran. There is a trust and awareness that a V4W Vet will help get the client’s message passed along to the right people. That initial call to set their appointment with CVN can demonstrate hopefulness and a step in the right direction for the veteran while shaping their experience with CVN in the future

The after-hours calls have sometimes put us in contact with veterans that needed help right away, and that’s when you kick into a peer mode and help that veteran. If the call escalates, we utilize the clinicians on hand, and the experience of working together on a variety of phone calls. We know how to support the CVN clients, because we work with them regularly at Vets4Warriors. I’m proud to work with a partnership that helps veterans improve and enhance their life.