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Tools for Managing Stress and Worry

This free, self-paced course was specifically created for military family members to help manage stress and worry through a series of brief and educational modules.

Brought to you by CVN and Blue Star Families, Tools for Managing Stress and Worry provides research-based strategies, tools and techniques to help manage stress and worry. The course was designed by mental health experts with input from military family members themselves.

Who is this for?

Tools for Managing Stress and Worry is for anyone who wants to better understand stress and worry and build a toolbox of techniques to help effectively manage these experiences in the future. Although the course is designed for military family members, anyone can benefit from this content.

The free course can be accessed by anyone, on any internet connected tablet, phone or computer, anywhere in the world.

Format and Content

This self-paced course can be completed in multiple, brief sections designed to fit into small windows of time during the day.

The course is organized into four modules:

Module 1– Introduction to the Course – Identifying Problematic Stress and Worry

Module 2– Cognitive Strategies- Tools to Manage Thinking

Module 3– Behavioral Strategies – Tools for Action

Module 4– Other Approaches – Tools for Mindfulness and Acceptance

Within each module you will find 4 sections or lessons: an introduction to the topic, a series of tools you can immediately begin to use, a review of common obstacles and how to troubleshoot them, and an opportunity for deeper practice. Most lessons will take between 5-10 minutes, with the lessons introducing new “Tools” taking about 20 minutes each to allow for practice time.

This course is designed to be educational and is not a substitute for mental health care.  If you find yourself needing mental health care reach out to your doctor for a referral.  

For mental health or crisis support, please call:

Europe: 00800 1273 8255 or DSN 118

Korea: 0808 555 118 or DSN 118

Afghanistan: 00 1 800 273 8255 or DSN 111