Retraining for Civilian Life


Dr. Williams with CVN Founder Steve Cohen inside the North Texas clinic.

An in-depth look at PTSD in Northern Virginia magazine tackles the complexities and realities behind treating veterans with mental health issues. The article features different points of view from veterans, clinical psychologists and licensed clinical social workers on the recovery process for veterans and their families.

“Up until recently, PTSD was classified as an anxiety disorder,” Crystal Shelton, Vice President of Clinical Programs for the Cohen Veterans Network, says. “It’s incredibly complex. When combat vets come back from deployment, they have a lot of issues because they have been away from their families for so long, or they missed the birth of a child.”

Shelton and the Clinic Director of our North Texas clinic, Dr. Amy Williams, are both quoted in the story.

“Not everybody that is exposed to a traumatic event is going to develop PTSD,” Williams says. “It comes about as a result of a life-threatening event, something that is shocking, that is big.”

By Anthony Guido, CVN Vice President of Communications & Marketing