Suicide Prevention Training for all CVN Staff

metrocare_webinar march 1

Members of our Dallas clinic team

Another key element in CVN’s commitment to suicide prevention is on display this month throughout our network of mental health clinics.

The first seven Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics in operation are going through customized suicide prevention training from a local VA trainer in the coming weeks. This set of training is aimed at the entire clinical team, which includes reception, outreach, data and marketing. The first clinic to go through the training was the Cohen Clinic in Dallas.

“Every clinician has been trained to look for ways to identify risks, however, it never hurts to revisit and explore opportunities to expand prevention strategies,” said Cohen Clinic clinician Janet Centola, LCSW. “The role out of this training by CVN and our clinic emphasizes the importance of all staff in suicide prevention.  Both the training and ongoing discussions and focus via the ‘zero suicide’ initiative has been very valuable.”

CVN has been committed to suicide prevention since launching in 2016, including a broad campaign last September for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.


By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Communications & Marketing