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Telehealth Takes Off

Dr. Chelsea Fiduccia

Dr. Chelsea Fiduccia, a licensed clinical psychologist at the CVN clinic in Dallas

CVN Telehealth is being strategically rolled out to all of the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics in our network. This concept will prove invaluable in the effort to bring high-quality mental health care to veterans and their families in suburban and rural areas, including larger states with high veteran populations such as Texas and California.

Our clinic in Dallas was the first to test the CVN Telehealth model and formally launched the service on November 1. The very day they went live, the clinic received a phone call from someone in New York about a veteran who lived in Houston (about 4 hours away from the clinic) who really needed help. They were immediately able to engage him via telehealth for ongoing services.

“Telehealth will become an essential part of how our clinics deliver care, allowing us to span large geographic areas while providing options for weekly access to many of our clients,” said Anthony Hassan, President & CEO of the Cohen Veterans Network. “This is another way CVN is working to reduce barriers to care.”

The CVN Telehealth platform is a secure, HIPAA compliant, online video session between a clinician and a client. This allows for clients to take part in a therapy session from the comfort of their home using devices such as a tablet, smart phone or desktop computer.

The CVN Clinical Programs team provides extensive telehealth-specific training, and comprehensive roll-out support for each clinic before the platform launches.

By Anthony Guido, CVN Vice President of Communications & Marketing