Veterans Day: Honoring the Veterans Working to Make CVN Great

Next week the country will take notice and recognize the millions of veterans that have served in the United States military. While many of you will say “thank you” on November 11 to the veterans you know or encounter, as the leader of the Cohen Veterans Network I similarly want to honor the many veterans that are still serving in a different capacity.

We are proud to employ veterans throughout our network of mental health clinics. They play a variety of crucial roles as we serve thousands of veterans and military families across the country. We take pride in our cultural competency, in that we speak the same language, know the acronyms and slang, and understand the challenges transitioning military families are facing.

Over the next several weeks we will introduce you to 21 veterans who work in our clinics and you will learn about them from their colleagues. Join us in honoring them:



By Anthony Hassan
CEO & President, Cohen Veterans Network