5 Facts About Couples Therapy That May Surprise You

  1. You do not need to be married to see a couples therapist. Some think of it as “marriage counseling” but many therapists (including our Cohen Clinic therapists!) welcome all couples, including LBGTQ+ military couples. Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married for 60+ years, you might benefit from couples therapy.
  2. It is never too soon to work on your relationship. Some think of couples therapy as a drastic measure, or as a last resort to save a marriage, but it’s never too soon to get help when you need it. Anyone can benefit from additional work on their relationship.
  3. Couples therapy can help through big life changes and transitions. Moving, preparing for deployment, returning from deployment, military separations, reintegration – all can create stress in a relationship, but a couples therapist can help.
  4. Couples therapists do not pick sides. Our Cohen Clinic couples therapists remain neutral, helping each partner to try and see the other person’s point of view, and provide tools to communicate in a way that is more productive.
  5. Couples therapy can provide a safe space for sensitive topics. Couples go to therapy for a number of reasons, like struggles with communication, sex, parenting, money. Sometimes one partner is coping with an issue that could be affecting the relationship. Whatever it is, couples therapy creates a safe space to discuss sensitive topics.

If you’re a military couple and your relationship needs support, get connected to a Cohen Clinic couples therapist near you!