CVN Scholars and Fellows


CVN is dedicated to supporting the next generation of clinicians and has developed two programs to support this effort. The CVN Scholars program seeks to support qualified clinical interns, externs, and students in our CVN clinics while they are still in their graduate programs.  The CVN Fellows program is to support recently graduated or early career clinicians as they work towards independent clinical licensure. Details about both programs are laid out below.  

Scholars Program Objective

CVN is invested in creating early education and career development opportunities for clinical graduate students committed to improving access to evidence-based care for our clients. The Cohen Clinics should utilize available stipends to recruit for competitive placements for appropriate interns and externs. 

Who Can be Scholars?

CVN Scholars are graduate students in their advanced training year from the following clinical disciplines: social work, psychology, licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapy, and psychiatric nurse practitioner. Scholars are selected through an application process and agreements between the local CVN clinic and the Scholars’ educational institution.

Fellows Program Objective

In addition to the CVN Scholars Program, CVN is also proud to support early-career, provisionally licensed clinicians in their path towards independent clinical licensure through the CVN Fellows Program.   

The CVN Fellows program provides funding for select CVN clinics to hire and host recently graduated or early career clinicians as they accumulate clinical hours towards independent licensure. CVN Fellows will operate as clinicians-under-supervision and will receive thorough clinical training and supervision as they build up to and sustain a full clinical caseload.  Fellows can be Masters-level clinicians, including MSWs, LPCs, LMFT, LMHCs, etc., as long as the clinic has the capacity to provide supervision towards licensure consistent with state- and discipline-specific requirements for their Fellows.  Preference is given to applicants who have completed a clinical internship at a CVN clinic (e.g., CVN Scholars), with the goal of preserving institutional knowledge and “growing our own.”

For more information about our clinic-based CVN Scholars or CVN Fellows opportunities please contact