Our Impact on the Field of Mental Health

Caring for Our Diverse Military Population

Our goal is to set best-practice standards of mental health care through research, training, awareness, and innovative ways to make treatment and services more accessible. It is more important than ever for clinicians to be able to meet the needs of clients from various ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural backgrounds. As such, Cohen Veterans Network has developed Caring for Our Diverse Military Population.

The innovative training program, developed with support from USAA, is focused on preparing mental health providers to provide culturally sensitive care. This 4-hour training is required of all CVN clinicians, but is available for free to clinicians outside of the CVN network as well.

Measurement Based Care

In another effort to benefit the field of mental health, we are offering this robust set of tools for professionals. This toolkit is a comprehensive set of training materials designed to help mental health professionals incorporate measures to enhance quality of care.

America’s Mental Health Surveys

Cohen Veterans Network is committed to increasing access to mental health care services. CVN worked with The Harris Poll on several occasions to gauge the public’s view on mental health services available in this country. Learn more about our America’s Mental Health Pulse Surveys.

CVN Scholars and Fellows

Cohen Veterans Network is advancing the field of veterans’ mental health by cultivating a generation of clinicians across professional disciplines. Participants in the programs will have unique opportunities to participate in field training and military-related mental health care training. Learn more about the Scholars and Fellows programs.

Annual Impact Reports

Cohen Veterans Network publicly launched in April 2016 and quickly made an impact on the lives of veterans and military families throughout the country. To view annual reports on our impact, please visit our Annual Impact Reports Page.

CVN Institute for Quality

Committed to advancing the field of mental health, in 2022 CVN launched the Cohen Veterans Network Institute for Quality (CVN-IQ).

The network launches CVN-IQ as the country faces a public health crisis related to mental health care. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has increased mental health needs nationally, including within the military and veteran communities, while simultaneously reducing access.

CVN Reports

Cohen Veterans Network is working to advance the field of veterans mental health by producing in-depth publications on a wide variety of issues related to military family mental health. These CVN Reports will include informational guides, position papers, policy briefs, and network research publications.

Implications on Professional Practice and Provider Support: A Commentary on the Manuscript “The Impact of Patient Suicidal Behavior on the Personal and Professional Well-Being of Mental Health Providers: A Systematic Review.” By Tracy A. Neal-Walden and David J. Linkh   

Information Guide for Prospective PartnershipBy Dr. Anthony Hassan, CVN President & CEO.

Effects of COVID-Induced Economic Recession on Veteran Suicide and Substance UseBy Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute and Cohen Veterans Network.

Caring for the CaregiversBy Dana Morrissey, MSW, MPH.

CVN Implementation Summit Summary, Key Messages, and ChallengesBy Stephanie Renno, LCSW, Training Manager, Cohen Veterans Network and Crystal Shelton, LCSW, Vice President, Clinical Programs, Cohen Veterans Network.

Implementation Science at Cohen Veterans NetworkBy Dana Morrissey, MSW, MPH.

Case Study on CVN – Uniform Champions: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Excellent Assistance for VeteransBy Thomas Meyer, The Philanthropy Roundtable. Purchase entire book.