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President and CEO

When you left home to protect this nation, our country made a promise to take care of you and your families. The Cohen Veterans Network is keeping that promise! We have established a national network of mental health clinics to ensure that our veterans and their families receive the mental health care they deserve and to offer support for any other challenges resulting from military service.

We believe you have earned the right to choose where and how you receive mental health care. Our community-based approach provides easy access to quality care that is near your home or work at no cost to you. We partner with you to customize your treatment to your lifestyle and needs, offering traditional office appointments, home visits, and telehealth care. Our case managers connect you with the resources needed to help resolve other concerns you may have, such as employment, housing, and legal needs.

As a veteran and mental health professional, it is my honor to lead this organization and support you. You don’t need to suffer in silence. We are here to support you and help you lead healthy and happy lives .


Anthony M. Hassan, Ed.D, LCSW
President and CEO, Cohen Veterans Network


A successful mission requires a dedicated, skilled, and strong team. Our staff and advisory boards of experts and innovators in diverse fields will help us improve the quality of life for veterans and their families.

Cohen Veterans Network Board of Directors

We rely on the counsel of our knowledgeable advisors to develop our strategic plan and secure our success in supporting veterans and their families.

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