A Challenging Back to School Season

Across the country, in one form or another, children of military families are facing an unusual back to school experience.  Each of the 17 Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics are here to provide support for families as kids deal with remote learning and COVID-19 protocols. The challenges are not limited to just children, as many young veterans are facing the same obstacles in college settings.

Our Cohen Clinic in San Diego has put out a number of tips for the family to consider in a recent eNewsletter, including:

  • You may find that your child thrives in this learning environment. Anxious children will find that distance learning relieves them of the pressures a classroom can cause, such as not feeling confident in answering questions, not having the ‘coolest’ clothes/phone/haircut etc. If you notice this, mention it to your child. Your family may consider distance learning even once schools open.
  • Encourage your child to take breaks from learning. In a more traditional school setting, they would be having PE, art, music etc. to break up their day. Even for the younger kids, just transitioning from one classroom to the next gives their minds a break to regroup.

The Cohen Clinic in Dallas has provided some specific tips for young veterans who may be going back to school in their eNewsletter.

  • For veterans who are making that transition now, it is complicated by the current pandemic. While there are the usual challenges with higher education like finances or adjusting to the academic workload, one of the biggest can be isolation and loneliness. Creating a social support network is a necessary and often difficult step to attending school. This applies to all college students.

Our Cohen Clinic in Fayetteville has been sharing tips across social media recently, including:

  • Make a schedule for daily activities that the kids can see and stick to
  • Keep bedtimes on schedule as much as possible
  • Get outside and use outdoor education opportunities

There is a slew of external resources available. For elementary school: New, distance learning resources from Wide Open School. For middle and high school: 8 Tips for Middle and High Schoolers to Get Started in Online School. For all students: Tips for Students Who Are New to Virtual Learning.   Another helpful blog about resources for military families, including financial relief.

Many of our clinics have been donating helpful back to school items in their communities, with several more events planned this month.

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By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Communications & PR