Current Affairs Impacting Military Families

Outreach this month in Fayetteville

Outreach this month in Fayetteville

The news this month offers a reminder why CVN exists: to help the entire military family through transitions, deployments, grief, stress, and more. There is no shortage of coverage in the media to highlight the stress on military families at this time.

This New York Times article offers a glimpse into military life, through the eyes of our Fort Bragg community and military families. We remain at the ready to care for our military families.

All 14 Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics stand ready to serve military families across the country, including our Cohen Clinic in Fayetteville.

In the past couple of weeks that clinic’s representatives have been attending multiple deployment fairs at Fort Bragg to support family members who have been affected by recent rapid deployments.  Community resources can be essential in times like this, when families are separated with not much time to prepare.