CVN Fellows Program Overview

Cohen Veterans Network is a nonprofit, nationwide network of outpatient mental health clinics that provide evidence-based therapy to veterans, service members, and military family members in 24 locations across the country. In addition to providing excellent care to our clients, CVN is also dedicated to advancing and expanding the mental health field by supporting the next generation of clinicians.   CVN is proud to support early-career, provisionally licensed clinicians in their path towards independent clinical licensure through the CVN Fellows Program.

CVN Fellows are recently graduated or early-career Masters-level clinicians who are selected through a competitive application process to serve as clinicians-under-supervision in select Cohen Clinics for a commitment of 2 years (with possibility for extension) to help them reach independent licensure. These positions are salaried and receive benefits through the local clinic’s host organization. CVN Fellows will receive thorough clinical training and in-house supervision at no cost to them as they build up to and sustain a full clinical caseload. You will have the opportunity to gain ample skills, knowledge, and direct clinical experience in a supportive environment while serving a diverse and exciting population: the military and veteran community.

View some of our current CVN Fellows, in place throughout our network of clinics:

Michael Verdonk - Tacoma
Michael Verdonk – Tacoma
Emily Paddock – San Diego
Jose Duran, Jr – El Paso

If you want to know more about the CVN Fellow position, read the FAQs below!

CVN Fellow Program – FAQs:

Q: Who can be a CVN Fellow?

A: Candidates for CVN Fellow positions must have a Masters degree in a mental health discipline (e.g. MSW, MFT, MHC, etc.). This position is designed for early career clinicians who do not have their independent licensure yet.  A strong interest in doing full-time clinical work with a veteran and military family client population is needed, with an emphasis on evidence-based practices and targeted treatment. Priority in selection is given to veterans, military spouses, and those who have completed their clinical internships with a Cohen Clinic.

To note, for states and disciplines that require a provisional licensure to practice, Fellows will need to achieve provisional licensure either before starting the Fellow role or at a maximum by 3 months after the start date.

Q: What would my role be as a CVN Fellow?

A: CVN Fellows serve as clinicians-under-supervision, meaning that they provide targeted, evidence-based therapy to a caseload of veterans, service members, and military family members. They do so while receiving regular supervision from a designated clinical supervisor with the appropriate state- and discipline-specific credentials to provide supervision towards licensure, as well as additional supervision and support from others on the clinical team. They also receive ample training – see below!

Q: Which Cohen Clinics are offering CVN Fellow positions?

A: Although all Cohen Clinics may host CVN Fellows, only certain Cohen Clinics have openings for new CVN Fellow positions at a given time. Follow this link to see which Cohen Clinics have current openings! Please note, clinics may only have openings for certain disciplines/licensures depending on supervisor availability; read job descriptions for details.

Julie Bologna – Virginia Beach
Rachel Dibbins – Fayetteville

Q: What is the application process to become a CVN Fellow?

A: If you’re interested in becoming a CVN Fellow, the first step is to apply directly to the local clinic that has an opening for a new CVN Fellow. Follow this link to see which Cohen Clinics have current openings! To note, CVN Fellows are sponsored by CVN’s Central Office, but are employees of the local partner organizations that house each Cohen Clinic. After your application is reviewed and approved by the local clinic, you will then need to submit an application to CVN’s Central Office Training Team, which will include a resume/CV, letter of introduction, letter of recommendation, and a description of a challenging clinical case. The CVN Training Team will have final review and approval of all CVN Fellow candidates.

Q: What kind of clinical training opportunities do CVN Fellows receive?

A: Clinical training is a central component of the CVN Fellow’s experience. CVN will provide all Fellows with the following trainings:

  • Military cultural competency
  • Diversity within the military & veteran community
  • Suicide prevention
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • PTSD assessment and diagnosis
  • Additional evidence-based practices (e.g. CPT, PE, EFT, CBT-I, etc.)

Additional training will be specific to the needs and professional development goal of the individual Fellow.

The goal of the CVN Fellows program is to grow competent and well-trained providers who will go on to provide high-quality therapy to the military and veteran community. If you are interested in this opportunity, feel free to start an application to one of the open Fellow positions!  If you have any questions and would like to learn more, please email