CVN’S Role in Mental Health’s Evolving Landscape

The Philanthropy Roundtable, a leading network of charitable donors working to foster excellence in philanthropy, recently took a deep dive into organizations that they view as problem solvers in mental health and substance abuse.  The Cohen Veterans Network is featured in a section on “Innovations in Care.”

“Cohen Clinics feel like friendly mom-and-pop establishments…but on the back end they are as sophisticated as any elite medical institution.”
The children's waiting area inside the DC area Cohen Clinic

The children’s waiting area inside the DC area Cohen Clinic

The author, Anna Bobb, visited the Cohen Clinic in Silver Spring, MD, but many of the concepts discussed in the story are in place at each clinic throughout the network.  The warm and welcoming environment, the healthy thinking and coping strategies, and the reliance on evidence-based treatments are all staples at each clinic location. The focus on the entire military family is another hallmark of CVN care, as Bobb notes:

“The system (Dr. Anthony) Hassan has put in place starts with the idea that individuals cannot be understood in isolation and are best treated as part of their family unit. CVN has found that military veterans often come for help at the urging of a spouse or other loved one. Clinics often encourage whole households to be seen together.”

Read the entire study on CVN and six other entities in A New Frame of Mind: Philanthropy’s Role in Mental Health’s Evolving Landscape.

The Philanthropy Roundtable first took at look at our operation in 2017 in their Uniform Champions publication.


By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Communications & Marketing