Cohen Clinic teams around the country have been meeting with local leadership from the VA and other community partners in social settings to promote greater connectivity and opportunities.

“These have been fantastic meetings. There is a real spirit of collaboration with local VA leadership in every CVN market,” said Caitlin Thompson, CVN VP of Community Partnerships.

Anthony GuidoThe Cohen Clinic in El Paso sponsored a highly successful mixer (replete with tacos and a veteran-led mariachi band, pictured) in appreciation for their local El Paso VA partners several weeks ago.  Participants included the El Paso VA medical center’s director, mental health chief of staff, and about 20 other staff from the medical center.

The Cohen Clinic in Denver welcomed VA leaders and other referral partners to the clinic for a social networking event on Monday of this week. Approximately 20 participants attended, representing the diversity of organizations that consistently and reliably refer clients to the Cohen Clinic. In addition to networking time with referral partners and clinic staff, tours were provided to attendees who were visiting the clinic for the first time.

Each clinic throughout the network has either held or will hold similar events in the coming weeks.

By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Communications & Marketing