Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Formally, in the military community, military spouses are labeled “dependents”, but after nearly 8 years of being “married to the military”, I would argue that military partners are anything but dependent. The military spouse and partners that I know are…

  • Logistics experts – They can coordinate an entire cross-country (or international) move on limited notice.
  • Resume gurus – Military spouses are skilled at re-inventing themselves after restarting a career multiple times in new cities without an existing network.
  • Pseudo-single parents – Not only do they feed, bathe, help with homework, and chauffeur their children to all their activities, but military spouses also comfort kids who miss their mom or dad, reassuring them that their parent will be okay even when they are unsure themselves.
  • Engaged community members – They get involved in their communities! They volunteer, donate, and advocate to advance meaningful causes.
  • Caregivers – Many spouses or partners double as caregivers, making immense personal and professional sacrifices to support loved ones with visible or invisible injuries.
  • Generous friends – They are the people who host you for holidays when you’re far from family, offer to be your emergency contacts (sometimes when you barely know each other…), and make even the most remote duty stations feel like home.

Military spouses and partners – you are more than “dependents”. You play an essential role in the military community. You stand by our service members and veterans, but you also show up for your families, for your communities, and for each other. Thank you for all that you do!

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By Nicole Meek
Manager, Marketing & Communications