Lessons in Love from Military Couples 2022

What can all couples learn from military couples? This February, CVN is highlighting the unique experiences of military couples as veterans and military spouses across the network share their relationship stories and advice. From creative ways to show you care to learning how to adapt to change, here are some universal lessons in love:

Sharing Your Love in Creative Ways

“When my husband deployed, one of my favorite memories was sending him care packages with his favorite snacks, photos of our kids, and Hershey’s kisses. We sent enough chocolate kisses for him to eat one every day – as a “kiss a day” from the kids and me until we were reunited!”

-Brandi, Military Spouse
Cohen Clinic at The Up Center
Virginia Beach, VA

Live Each Day Like There’s a Deployment Tomorrow

“Being a military spouse is like having a plan, then another, revising it, making a new plan, then getting orders that take you back to your second plan. It may not always be easy, it may require a lot of patience, but it is always worth it. My best advice is to live each day like they go on deployment tomorrow.”

-Alexis, Military Spouse
Cohen Clinic at Valley Cities
Tacoma, WA

Learn to Adapt to Change

“25 Deployments, 2 kids and an IED blast were the easy parts. Learning our new normal after his injury has been the hard part,” Veteran caregiver Julie explained. “But just because the new normal is different, doesn’t mean it can’t be happy and fulfilling. We may not like change, but change will occur regardless of if we want it to or not. We need to learn how to adapt.”

-Julie, Veteran and Veteran Caregiver
Cohen Clinic at The Up Center
Virginia Beach, VA

Be Intentional About Pursuing Your Partner

Be Intentional About Pursuing Your Partner- “By intentionally making the time to pursue our spouse like we once did, we transform our marriage to the way it once was and to the way we wish it would be again.  My husband and I have pursued one another through various forms of communication (emails, texts, Skype, FaceTime, Video messenger on FB, eCards, sending stuff to one another’s work, scheduling surprise mini-vacations, etc…) not letting the challenges we face as a military couple get in the way of our pursuit for one another and the mission for our marriage”

– Jennifer, Military Spouse
Cohen Clinic at Child & Family Service
Honolulu, HI

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