Mental Health Awareness Month

At Cohen Veterans Network, our goal is to meet veterans, service members, and their families where they are. That means recognizing their unique journeys, understanding their diverse needs, and offering a spectrum of support tailored to meet those needs. As May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re offering a series of accessible and effective tools and resources in support of our veteran and military communities.

Mental Health Resources

Micro Strategies for Your Mental Health

A list of short, actionable tips to help military families reduce stress and boost their mood.

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Tools for Managing Stress & Worry

A free, self-paced, online course designed for military families to manage stress when and where they need it.

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Cohen Clinic Events

Find opportunities to connect with other veteran and military family members at events across our Cohen Clinics.

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Client-Centered Therapy

Learn about our high-quality, accessible mental health care available to all post-9/11 veterans, service members, and their families.

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“Military families deserve seamless access to mental health support. At CVN, we’re removing barriers by providing treatment to family members without the need for a referral, and child watch services and telehealth to ensure timely, accessible care for our veteran and military communities”.

Dr. Anthony Hassan, President & CEO, Cohen Veterans Network.

Help veterans, service members, and military families access the mental health treatment they deserve. Support Cohen Veterans Network.