One Year Ago Today

Statement from Dr. Anthony Hassan, CEO and President of Cohen Veterans Network

Today marks one year since the tragic, senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the mark of a powerful movement highlighting injustices across the country.  While a great deal of awareness and energy has been expended to change and educate, our country still has a very long way to go to heal and improve the way we treat and care for each other.

As Cohen Veterans Network’s CEO, I know that many of our staff and clients around the country were, and still are, hurting.  At CVN we are using this next month to advance our understanding of all cultures and make some impact in our communities.

June 25 is CVN’s Day of Remembrance and Giving. The network staff will be volunteering and reflecting across their communities and we are urging members of our communities to do the same. We hope you join us one month from today.