Jerry Anchorage

Altieri in Anchorage

The search for the next round of Cohen Clinics has taken our team to The Last Frontier in recent weeks. Jerry Altieri, CVN VP for Network Growth, has accompanied CVN President & CEO Dr. Anthony Hassan on scouting trips to Anchorage, AK.

Altieri noted that finding the right local partner is essential to successfully executing our community-based model:




Altieri says that he found a vibrant community with natural beauty, featuring a lot of artisans and people that take great pride in what they do – including those in the local veterans’ community.  The need is great and there isn’t a large volume of providers in the area.

“One of the things that we constantly ran into during our trip would be how to sustain a clinic in the frontier of Alaska. A lot of people have come and tried and failed to provide services for veterans in that area,” Altieri said. “They want to make sure that we are there for the long haul. This added a different flavor to our early interviews.  The people we met with were sentinels, really vetting us as much as we were vetting the opportunity.”

Altieri highlighted several important meetings with key leadership:


Altieri is a veteran of the United States Army and the Army National Guard with 12 years of experience serving as an infantry non-commissioned officer. He was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2005 to 2006. Some of the major tasks he handles at CVN include research and oversight for the development of future clinic city and partner selection, business venture valuation, complex project management, and preparation of reports.

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By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Communications & Marketing