The Struggles of a Caregiver

Melinda-011In the latest CVN Report, Dana Morrissey, MSW, MPH, examined the struggles that some of today’s caregivers go through as experienced through one Cohen Clinic client.

“When her husband returned from deployment with PTSD and TBI, Melinda was unprepared. Her life as a caregiver entailed ‘giving and giving and giving,’ and she felt guilty every time she wanted to do anything for herself. But after six years of caregiving for her husband and her children, Melinda finally realized that she was stretched too thin.”

Read the entire report here.  Military Spouses, some who identify as a caregiver of veteran, are treated at all Cohen Clinics around the country. Nearly half of all clients to date are non-veteran family members.


By Anthony Guido
CVN Vice President, Marketing & Communications