We Appreciate You, Military Spouses!

As we celebrated military spouses in our community on Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 6, our Oceanside (CA) Outreach Coordinator, Lindsay Livingston, a military spouse herself, took some time to send a special “thank you” to fellow military spouses everywhere:

“I want to honor the courage and sacrifices military spouses make each day, so their partner can serve our country. They often are left to ‘hold down the fort,’ to handle all the family demands that life brings, all while trying to keep their family happy, healthy, and secure.

Even with all the hardships, I am constantly amazed at how strong and resourceful military spouses are for their families and communities. Military spouses are the first ones to volunteer or offer help to those in need. Their strength keeps me going through this crazy military life. I am so grateful for the military spouses in my life that, without hesitation, have jumped in and helped my family. They have taken care of my kids when my husband was deployed, and when one of my kids was admitted to the hospital for asthmatic episode. They have offered childcare and a meal when they knew I needed a break. Or, they are the first ones to say ‘I’m so sorry for what’s going on. How can I help?’

On this Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and every day, I say thank you! Thank you for the sacrifices that you are making for your family so your partner can serve. Thank you for everything that you do to support our active duty. I see you and your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. My hope is that you feel seen, heard, and cared for today!”