America’s Mental Health: We Can’t Be Too Late

Anthony Hassan
Dr. Anthony Hassan

The America’s Mental Health Pulse Survey release several weeks ago indicated that 4 in 5 Americans believe the pandemic will have a negative impact on their mental. CVN President & CEO Dr. Anthony Hassan has predicted a coming “surge” as a result of trauma, depression, PTSD, addiction, financial impact, and family stress.

Hassan’s op/ed in Empire Report considers the possibility that our country may not be ready to handle this invisible enemy’s impact on America’s mental health:

“We cannot be too late in identifying and responding to the mental health consequences of COVID-19 on Americans, particularly first responders, health professionals, and their families.”

Hassan again cites the Pulse Survey in saying that nearly 74% of Americans do not believe mental health services are accessible to the general population, and about half believe options are limited to get care.

Read the entire op/ed here.