We’re Approaching the Holidays: What is Your Stress Temperature?


From preparing to gather with loved ones, cooking, shopping and, oh yeah, remember COVID-19? This time of the year can be very stressful, not only for our clients, but ourselves, too. The Cohen Clinic at VVSD recently partnered with CORE San Diego for a workshop, presented by CVN Fellow, Laura Folsom, called Holiday Stress Temperature Check, where a variety of tips were unearthed for us all to utilize.

CVN Fellow, Laura Folsom

First things, first. What is stress? Here is what Laura shared.

Stress can be:

  • A reaction to the demands in our lives and our ability to meet those demands
  • Internal pressure surrounding what we think we should be doing vs. what we are realistically able to do
  • Stress can often be intensified by the things going on in our environment



Based on the above information, what would you say are some holiday-related environmental factors that generate stress for you?

Let’s take a step further and talk about how to recognize stress.

According to Laura, we can first look into major areas: mental and emotional. Think about some thoughts that are common for you when you’re feeling stressed. Next, how about the physical things you feel when you are stressed out? Does your heart rate increase, do you feel tense in your neck and shoulders?

Hope Phifer, Communications Manager