What is BIPOC Mental Health Month?

July is BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month.

BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Why are we using the term “BIPOC” Mental Health Awareness Month instead of “Minority Mental Health Awareness Month”?

Our words matter. The language we use impacts how we think about things. Using terms like “minority” or “marginalized” refers to BIPOC communities in terms of quantity instead of their quality. Additionally, using the word “minority” can accentuate the power differential between “majority” and “minority” groups and can suggest that “minority” is synonymous with inferiority.

We’re including “B” and “I” in addition to “POC” for people of color in order to uplift the unique experiences of Black and Indigenous individuals and communities.

At Cohen Veterans Network, we know that BIPOC veterans, service members, and families may experience discrimination and disparities in their lives, and we are committed to both recognizing and addressing these disparities to improve care for our clients.

Throughout the month we’re going to highlight some of the ways in which we are addressing these disparities.


By CVN’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee