Outreach Coordinator

Outreach Coordinator

Tampa, FL


Position Overview:

The Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for referral of clients to the Cohen Clinic at Aspire Health through outreach to community partners including veteran-service organizations, military service organizations, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, law enforcement, educational institutions, the faith-based community and other local partners. The Outreach Coordinator will also participate in peer-to-peer communication, presentations, and other outreach engagements as needed. Recruitment will focus on reaching veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan wars and their family members.


  • Conduct outreach with potential referral sources; foster positive ties with veteran, government, military and community organizations.
  • Develop and implement effective outreach strategies to match the specific aims of the Military Family Clinic.
  • Host and attend clinic and community events as a representative of the Military Family Clinic.
  • Report outreach efforts weekly to the Outreach Manager and collaborate with clinical personnel to continuously improve the outreach process.
  • Adheres to internal controls established and performs other duties as assigned.



  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively via oral or written means. Ability to present a friendly and positive demeanor to parents, school personnel, licensing, staff and the general public. Ability to make public presentations.
  • Ability to remain calm and maintain self-control in the midst of difficult circumstances and emergencies. Ability to respond in a professional manner in all situations.
  • Ability to set work priorities and to evaluate and create solutions to work related problems. Ability to think analytically and evaluate the impact of decisions.
  • Ability to plan ahead several months to a year. Ability to keep various on-going projects organized and files maintained accurately. Above normal levels of concentration and memory required. Requires good time management practices and the ability to meet multiple deadlines.
  • Ability to train, evaluate and guide employees. Ability to delegate and ensure follow through. Ability to provide feedback in a respectful and constructive manner.


  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 2-3 years in outreach and marketing activities. Significant military experience. Prior experience in mental health outreach within community and/or veteran organizations is preferred. Marketing experience is highly desirable. Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills. Outgoing, pleasant, professional manner; the ability to create and maintain contacts in the community; and clear articulation in providing informative presentations about the Military Family Clinic.
  • Must maintain regular and acceptable attendance at such level as is determined in the employer’s sole discretion.
  • Drivers License with clear record.
  • Must have daily use of a vehicle without prior notice.
  • Must be available and willing to travel to various locations and with such frequency to conduct screenings and intakes at designated satellite locations. Must not pose a direct threat or significant risk of substantial harm to the safety or health of himself/herself or others.
  • Proficient knowledge of Word, Excel, Publisher, Access; PowerPoint a plus. 70 WPM, 98% accuracy.
  • Strong math skills, proof reading skills.
  • Knowledge of outreach and marketing strategies.

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