New Content for CVN Frontline in July

The month of July has seen a number of new recorded videos added to the CVN Frontline online resource center, including topics like Nutrition, Sleep, Moral Injury, Anxiety, and Isolation & Loneliness.

CVN Frontline is a no-cost mental health resource center featuring scheduled, interactive online support groups as well as asynchronous resources that can be accessed anytime. It is available now to Frontline Healthcare Providers and First Responders and their adult family members in Philadelphia, Tampa, Austin, Dallas, Denver, and San Diego. CVN clinicians from San Diego and Tacoma are facilitating the online support groups.

“As the pandemic has taken another turn to once again place this country’s healthcare workers and first responders and their families at risk – we are moving quickly to offer our expertise to this population in high-need markets across the country,” said Dr. Anthony Hassan, President & CEO of CVN.