Making Moves: PCS Planning

Are you preparing for a military Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move? Each year more than 400,000 military families make a permanent change of station (PCS). For many families it can be a mix of emotions, both exciting and stressful.

At Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), we understand the unique challenges and stresses military families face during relocations. That’s why on this page we offer resources, tips, and mental health support to ensure a smoother transition for you and your loved ones.


Helpful Resources for a Smooth Transition

A collection of essential resources to support military families throughout their PCS journey; ensuring a smoother transition for both service members and their loved ones.

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Strategies to Stress Less During PCS

Make the most out of your PCS experience, the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn some tried and true strategies to stress less during the process.

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Serving Military Families

Learn how and why our Cohen Clinics care for the entire military family at any point in their journey.

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Military families share their insight and experiences from PCS moves all over the world.

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Ways Civilians Can Support Mil Families

What are some things that communities can do to help support military families during a PCS?


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Back to School!

Starting a new school this year? Here are 5 tips to help your children ease the transition into a new school year.

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Tools for Stress and Worry

Learn techniques to manage stress, cope with change, and support yourself and your family during this transition.

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