Top 5 Things to Know about Veterans Day

cvn_seal_V_tiny-digital-usageWe asked our CVN veteran staff members what they want civilians to know about their military service and Veterans Day. Here were their answers…

  1. The meaning of Veterans Day and Memorial Day: Veterans Day is about honoring the work and service all veterans have done, as well as a time for veterans to reflect on their service. Memorial Day is about honoring fallen service members who have sacrificed their lives.
  2. Veterans are all different. They are from all over the country and world with different backgrounds, morals, religions, and experiences. Get to know a veteran or service member by asking a few questions like: What branch are you in? What is your job? How long did you serve?
  3. Thank the military family too! Military family members and the support systems of active duty also make sacrifices while their loved one is serving.
  4. Not all veterans are soldiers. Soldiers are in the Army only. There are many different jobs across the branches. To start a conversation about their job, ask ‘what was your job while serving?’
  5. Women are serving too! Currently, women are serving today more than they have served in the military before. Don’t forget to include them when talking about our service members.