Veterans Day 2023

“Thank you for your service” is a common expression Americans use to show appreciation for those who have served. But what about going beyond the “thank you” for a greater show of support? 

This Veterans Day, Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) is breaking down veteran stereotypes to promote a greater understanding about, and connection with, our veteran community. And in fact, dispelling veteran stereotypes is something that the overwhelming majority of veterans believe is important. Eight-in-ten (80%) veterans think it is important to understand that veterans/service members come from all walks of life/are a diverse group, according to the CVN Veterans Day Survey 2021. 

Here, challenge what you think you know about veterans and find ways to go #BeyondTheThankYou for a more meaningful acknowledgement of their service. 

Veterans are a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, interests, and talents. We’re combatting veteran stereotypes to increase understanding, promote greater connectedness and honor their service. What can you learn about the veteran in your life to engage in more meaningful dialogue? #beyondthethankyou

Take our Veterans 101 Pop Quiz to test your knowledge and gain a better understanding of the veteran community. 


Veterans 101 Pop Quiz

True or False – Veterans face higher rates of unemployment than non-veterans.
What percentage of the adult (18+) population has ever served in the U.S. military?
True or False – If you serve in the military you are referred to as a soldier.
What percentage of adult (18+) Americans are currently serving in the military?
True or False – Women can serve in combat roles in the military
How many branches of the military are there?
True or False- The majority of U.S. veterans have experienced combat. 
True of False – The majority of U.S. veterans experience PTSD.
True or False – Veterans are more likely to own a home than non-veterans.
True or False – Veterans are less educated than non-veterans.
Each year, approximately how many U.S. service members leave the military and transition to civilian life?
True or False – On average, military families move every 6 years.


Whether it’s taking action to support veterans or continuing to learn more, find ways to go #beyondthethankyou this Veterans Day.

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Combatting Veteran Stereotypes

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