National Veterans & Military Families Month

From patriotic parades to concerts to ceremonies, November is filled with events across the country to honor those who have served. As part of National Veterans and Military Families Month, as the nation celebrates veterans, the new CVN Military 101 Survey reveals that Americans’ overall knowledge about the U.S. military and veterans is low.

When asked what percentage of the population has ever served in the U.S. military, nearly half (48%) of Americans answered, “not sure.”

Just how much do you know when it comes to our service members and veterans? Take our Pop Quiz to test your knowledge, gain a better understanding of the military community and explore ways to connect with veterans more meaningfully this November.


Military 101 Pop Quiz

What percentage of the adult (18+) population has ever served in the US military?
What percentage of adult (18+) Americans are currently serving in the military?
How many branches of the military are there?
True or False - Women can serve in combat roles in the military
True or False – Someone that serves in the military is called a soldier.
True or False- The majority of U.S. veterans have experienced combat. 
National Guard and Reserve members are known as “warrior citizens.” What % the military do guardsmen and reservists make up?  
True or False - More people enlisted in the military during the year after 9/11 than in any single year since then.  
This branch of service is both a military force and law enforcement agency.    
Which state is home to the largest military base in the U.S. by population?  
Each year, approximately how many U.S. service members transition to civilian life?
On average, how often do military families move? 

Go Beyond “Thank You for Your Service”

“Thank you for your service” is a common phrase civilians use in recognition of a veteran’s service. But just how that expression is received by veterans varies. While many say they appreciate the sentiment, some say it feels like an empty platitude, while others don’t know how to respond. How can Americans show their appreciation for veterans in more meaningful ways? Veterans share their thoughts…

Ask questions! Start a conversation with a veteran by asking them specific questions about their service, such as, “What was your job while serving?” or share something interesting you learned in the Veterans Day Pop Quiz to get their insights on it as it relates to their service. When it comes to showing veterans appreciation, Sadie, an Army Veteran, says, “Honestly, it’s the simple things like listening and supporting through storytelling.”

Take action! Consider flying an American flag, donating to a veteran service organization, or buying a veteran a meal. Sara, an Air National Guard Veteran says, “I love to see people, including my children, stand and sing when the National Anthem plays.”

Hear from more #VeteranVoices on how Americans can show appreciation this Veterans Day, what civilians would be surprised to learn about veterans and military service, and what service means to those who have worn the uniform by following CVN on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.